Oracle Endeca Commerce Resources

Updated on September 12th 2014

Since I already wrote a blog post listing a list of resources for Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, I figured it would be good to do the same for the Oracle Endeca Commerce (Experience Manager).

Official Oracle resources

OTN Technical Questions Forum
The official forum for people having technical questions. Use the search feature when you have an issue, you will surely find someone that had a similar problem.

Documentation Index
Full documentation for Endeca Commerce in PDF and all related modules

Oracle Endeca Community
Official discussion support forum limited to people having access to Oracle Support (you will need a login access to Oracle Support). Less questions than the OTN Technical Questions but still a lot of relevant informations available.

You can also have access to the Knowledge Base which include articles written by the members of the Oracle Support team that relates to common bugs and problems encountered by the various clients.

OnDemand webcast: Oracle Endeca Commerce v11 and v11.1 release
90 minutes webcast talking about the new features of v11.1 release

2 hours long free webcast that explains the new features in Endeca Commerce (now called Oracle Commerce v11) with 1 hour just for details on the technical implementation, very useful

Oracle Commerce v11 and v11.1 What’s new document
The document lists the new features of Endeca with Oracle Commerce v11 and v11.1 in PDF. As part of Endeca Documentation Index you can also look at the release notes of each application but this one provides a more business-friendly list of features.

Oracle Commerce Youtube Channel
Not as good as the Oracle OEID Youtube channel, but you might still find some generic information about Endeca Commerce on this Youtube channel.

Oracle A-Team Chronicles
Oracle has a technical team that publishes various blog posts, they have some interesting Endeca articles available

Non-Official Oracle resources
Questions & Answers type of website that includes questions on both Endeca Commerce and Endeca Information Discovery. The Learning Center includes a couple articles on Endeca Commerce.

Bird’s Eye View blog
Contain some articles on the integration between Endeca and ATG

Faceted Guides
Community written guides that include instructions on how to install Endeca and do typical operations

Quest 4 ATG
Some blog posts on the integration of Endeca with ATG and steps to deploy an Endeca application

GroupBy Inc
Oracle Gold Partner consulting firm, full of Endeca experts (and former Endeca employees). If you need help with your Endeca implementation, contact them. (I work there!)


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