Resources for Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID)

(Updated on Nov 29th 2013)

Since Endeca was bought by Oracle, resources to help you implement your Oracle Endeca Information Discovery solution have been scattered a little bit everywhere, so here is a summary of all the resources I have found.

Official Oracle resources

Oracle OTN Discussions Forum
Publicly accessible forum where lots of questions are being asked daily, lots of great answers. Make use of the search to read the archives!

Product Documentation
The complete documentation for Information Discovery 3.0 and the previous versions. Available online in HTML or in .PDF
There’s no search across all documents online so I suggest to download the full package in PDF and use your operating system search to execute a full search.

Oracle EID Youtube channel
Training videos for Information Discovery 3.0 and 2.3 by the Oracle team. It’s a very good introduction to the product and it covers some advanced features as well. The videos are not too long, it’s definitely worth a watch

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Wiki:
This official Oracle wiki contains great Design Patterns for Integrator (CloverETL) and some informations on Endeca Query Language (EQL)

Endeca Community Forum
This forum is only accessible when you have access to Oracle Support. The forum is supposed to be monitored by the Support team but in my experience it is hard to get answers to questions and a lot less people are reading this forum compared to the public forum.

To access it, click on that link and login using your Oracle Support user/password. Then click Discussion.

From the Support page, you can also access the Endeca Knowledge Base

And the Information Center 

Non-Oracle resources

Endeca123 Blog
Contains great tutorials on common Endeca use cases that are not very well covered by the official documentation

Another Question and Answers forum where questions from Information Discovery are mixed with the other Endeca products. Look at the Information Center for some blog articles on Endeca.

Rittman Mead Consulting Blog
Some Endeca tutorial and a great article about record-level security.

Branchbird Blog
Lots of articles on Endeca Information Discovery and eCommerce

3sixty-analytics Blogs
Some blog articles on Endeca Information Discovery

GroupBy Inc
Oracle Gold Partner consulting firm, full of Endeca experts (and former Endeca employees). If you need help with your Endeca implementation, contact them. (I work there!)

chez brochez blog
Blog from an Endeca consultant (Ryan B. Rochez), lots of technical posts about Endeca Information Discovery 3.0

OBIEE tips and tricks
Great article on how to install quickly OEID 3.1

I will update this post if I hear of other resources! 


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