Resources for elasticsearch

elasticsearch is an open-source search technology that recently reached the stable 1.0 version after many years of development. It has a great API and works very well. Here’s a list of resources to help you learn about this product

Official resources

elasticsearch – the definitive guide
New book written by the elasticsearch team, will eventually be available as an ebook/paper copy but also available for free online. The work is in progress and you can submit issues on github since it’s open-source

official documentation
Where you can find the full documentation for the product

Non-official resources

exploring elasticsearch
Free ebook with tutorials to learn more about elasticsearch when you get started. It was made before the 1.0 version so keep in mind it might not be entirely up to date, but it definitely serves as a good intro.

Learn and play with Elasticsearch | Found
Lots of  technical articles about elasticsearch, by a company that offers an elasticsearch as a service cloud solution. Very high quality

Updated on December 8th 2014


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