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MongoDB and Node.Js Tutorial

Quick post to link to an excellent tutorial on the Heroku website to use MongoDB as a database with Node.Js using the Mongoose library.

This is the exact same implementation that we used to build ThreatWiki with Mongoose. Quick and fast to implement.

One thing that surprised me about this guide is that it recommends to specify the option “safe” mode for the connection with mongoDB. The safe mode is the mode that guarantees that you will be informed by an error if a write to the database fails (in the default implementation of MongoDB it’s off by default to increase speed).

However, as we can read on Mongoose documentation page:

By default this is set to true for all schemas which guarentees that any error that occurs will get reported back to our method callback.

So the safe mode is already enabled by default by mongoose for every save on the database, so it doesn’t seem necessary to specify it like the tutorial is proposing.


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